Camping Site
Camping Site

Big Buck Lodge
Big Buck Lodge

Girl with Horse
Girl with Horse

Camping Site
Camping Site

Primitive Camping 



- we require $10.00 cash site clean up deposit (you pay this at check in and receive it back after we check that your area is free of trash when you leave)

-No campfires are permitted however we do have two public bonfire sites.

-camp shower house is available for $5.00/person for the week or $2.00/person for the night. You prepay at check-in. (non refundable)

-Scotch Lake is a bear hunting camp in the beautiful New Brunswick woods, please keep garbage picked up and food stored in your vehicle and not in your tent.

-Porta John's and outhouses are located on site

-No electric or water hookup available for RV campers. Quiet generators are allowed.

-Quiet time is 10pm

-Visitors are welcome for a $5.00 day pass fee to our recreational grounds

- We are not responsible for any theft or damage to yourself, your guests, you vehicles or other belongings

-Campsites must be kept clean and picked up

-campers are welcome to enoy the many recreational activities at Scotch Lake



-Please Call 506-476-7877 on arrival to be shown your site and pay your fees. If you arrive after 9pm pick a site and pay in the morning. 


-Camp Store is on site with snacks, beverages and other camping amenities.

-Farm stand on weekends


-Cabins are available for rent on site. 

-These are primitive cabins. Some do not have access to generator electricity and some do. Please read the descriptions for the cabin you are interested in. 

-All Cabins are self-service, no maid, no cleanup. Bedding is available for $10.00/extra per night. 

-Outhouses are available at all cabins

-Shower house is available near big buck lodge and mouse trap cabin. 

MOUSE TRAP: $60.00/NIGHT (generator electricity) sleeps 4-10 (if you also rent craft cave)

MOOSE CAMP: $50.00/NIGHT (no electricity/must drive to shower house) Sleeps 4 **feel free to bring your own generator for  use at moose camp**

BIG BUCK LODGE: $35.00/NIGHT (Renting upstairs loft) Sleeps 2-3


Want to come to enjoy our many trails with your best friend? Come enjoy our horse friendly camping facilities! WE offer horse tie-ups at Moose Camp, Big Buck Lodge, and Mouse Trap Cabin. Have everything you need to come to a primitive RV or tent camp with your horse for the weekend? Enjoy our many site areas and set up your own private spot for a nice weekend of horse camping. RODEO WEEKEND 2022 TBA SOON!